Fly and drive Tour of Sicily

Agrigento, Catania, Cefalù, Milazzo, Modica, Noto, Palermo, Siracusa, Taormina,

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Fly and drive Tour of Sicily

Located in the south-west of Italy, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Crossroads of peoples since the origins, it boasts an incredible heritage given by the mixture of cultures that over time have followed each other, leaving traces in architecture, gastronomy and folklore. Archeology, history and art lovers will enjoy the sight of ancient Greek temples, Roman theaters, Norman cathedrals and baroque churches, up to the liberty palaces of more recent times. But not only history and architecture: thanks to its location and the extraordinary variety of landscapes and environments, Sicily is a paradise for nature lovers and the “dolce vita”.

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Discover the Fly & Drive Tour of Sicily in freedom

A tour in freedom with the possibility of car rental through the beautiful Sicily, perfect for those who want to discover the most beautiful places of this wonderful land.

Possibility of car rental, contact us!

Day 1 - Milazzo


The tour through Sicily starts from Milazzo, a fishing village classified among the “most beautiful villages in Italy”. The imposing castle, from which it dominates a spectacular view of the Gulf, is an important testimony of the different civilizations that have taken place in Sicily. The wide promenade, between palm trees and ice cream parlors, prepares us for the journey by immersing ourselves in an atmosphere of slowness typical of sea places.

Night at the hotel

* The journey time from Catania airport to Milazzo is 1h45 min.

We suggest, in case of late arrivals, to book a night in Catania to start the program the next day.

Day 2 - Cefalù


Continuing on the northern coast of Sicily stands the wonderful Norman town of Cefalù, a renowned seaside resort.

Cefalù is a “fortress” overlooking the blue sea and has been included in the list of “most beautiful villages in Italy”.

The cathedral of Cefalù is an unmissable stop.

Overnight stay in Cefalù.

Day 3 - Palermo


Continue on towards the Sicilian capital.

Free visit of the city of Palermo, one of the architectural jewels of the Mediterranean.

Through its famous abandoned streets and gardens, you will also discover its Arab-Norman monuments: the Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti or the Palatine Chapel (Palazzo Reale).

Don’t miss the old Vucciria neighborhood market!

Accommodation and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 - Agrigento


Departure towards Agrigento, free visit of the famous archaeological site of the Valley of the Temples, UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes numerous Doric temples and remains of the ancient Greek city of Akragas. Among all, the ruins of the immense temple of Olympian Zeus, the temple of Hercules or the temple of Concord.

Hotel accommodation and overnight stay.

Day 5 - Modica - Noto

Modica – Noto

Departure in the direction of Modica and visit of the small town, renowned for its baroque architecture.

Do not hesitate during your tour to taste the famous Modica chocolate!

Continuation in the direction of Noto, a small town that after the earthquake of 1693 was completely rebuilt in Baroque style. Its architecture has earned it inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Hotel accommodation and overnight stay.

Day 6 - Siracusa


Continuation of the journey, destination Syracuse!

Morning dedicated to the discovery of Syracuse: free visit of the Archaeological Park (Greek theater, Orecchio di Dioniso, Latomie)

Syracuse is a city that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage because of the richness of its archaeological testimony linked to the different civilizations that took place in Sicily.

The Archaeological Park – whose theater is one of the largest in the Greek world – the latomias, the Duomo, Palazzo Bonomo, Fonte Aretusa, the tomb of Archimedes are some of the treasures of this city.

Free time in the afternoon, during which it will also be possible to discover the historic center of the city, located on the island of Ortigia.

Overnight in Syracuse.

Day 7 - Taormina- Catania

Taormina – Catania

Departure towards Taormina, the village that enchants with its belvedere, the Greek theater and the renowned public garden. Afternoon free to stroll through the alleys of this “pearl of the Mediterranean” or to enjoy the famous beach of Isola Bella.

Return to Catania, overnight at the hotel

Optional: trekking on the Etna accompanied by a guide, to be requested at the time of booking.

Day 8 - Catania


End of stay!

Technical info:

Climate: Mostly mild in spring and autumn, hot in summer (30-35 degrees July), cold in winter (around 7 degrees); the temperature goes below zero on Etna.

Accommodation: hotel (three stars)

Meals: breakfast

Classification: fly & drive in freedom

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