/ Incentives


For incentive trips the quality of the experience is fundamental, for this reason Mediterranea Trekking offers unique and unforgettable incentives in Sicily, combined with a perfectly structured organization.

Our agency organizes direct incentive trips to customers and employees, of various sizes, length and conditions.

Trips with tours, experiential tourism , cruises and excursions related to events, exhibitions or special parties. The possibilities of incentive trips are many and organized tailored to the needs of the company and the public to which they are addressed. Your incentive trip will certainly leave an excellent impression on your employees and customers.

We design incentives as motivational experiences or simply as a thank you gift. You dictate the doses of adventure during the activity. Some love exciting and exotic events, for example a 4×4 off-road tour on Mount Etna – others prefer a more delicate option, such as cultural excursions and cooking classes of traditional Sicilian cuisine, others prefer relaxing and immersing themselves in the wonderful nature of the Aeolian islands. What will surely inspire everyone is the escape from everyday life and participation in something extraordinary. Mediterranea trekking thanks to the professionalism of its Administrator Igor Fedele has many years of experience in this field with collaborations with companies of the caliber of Beein, Terres d’Aventure, Ubisoft, Skoda Discovery Channel, Nokia , Gillette, Bosch, American Express.

Alcuni dei principali eventi aziendali organizzati dalla Mediterranea Trekking:


  • Rabaxy
  • Skoda
  • Unicon
  • Discovery Channel 2005
  • Nokia
  • Gillette
  • Bosch
  • American Express 2005
  • Frupor
  • Adap srl
  • Incentive Banca Unicredit Europa ( Regata)
  • 35° anniversario Terre D’Aventure
  • Decimo anniversario Clever Age Digital Architecture Company
  • Rally Vintage car tra Sicilia e Calabria per l’azienda italiana Fiat
  • Morgan Rally car
  • La Libre – Giornale belga (giro della Sicilia in Vespa)
  • Lucas Engine spa

Eventi sportivi:

  • Seconda Maratona del Messina Channel  Marzo 2001
  • Primo trofeo Mountain Bike   Messina Aprile 2001
  • Primo trofeo Dog Trekking  Messina Giugno 2001
  • Maratona delle Isole Eolie  2000/2015
  • Regata Sicilia Sailboats   2003
  • Trofeo Bally De Suffren  2003 – 2004
  • La rotta del Gelsomino 2001/2004