From Island to Island: a trekking experience in the Aeolian islands

Alicudi, Catania, Filicudi, Lipari, Milazzo, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano,

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Trekking in the Aeolian islands: pearls in the sea

From the lava on Stromboli to the green of Salina, the yellow of the sulphur on Vulcano, and the relaxing white of the houses on Panarea.
Filicudi and Alicudi, which show us both the wildest side of the archipelago, and the sweetest.
A land of myths, of living nature and traditions, this archipelago will be revealed to us in all her beauty as we travel between the seven wonders of Sicily, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover the accompanied trekking holiday “From Island to Island: the Aeolian Experience”

Departing from Milazzo, a seaside town listed as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, our journey will unwind across all seven Aeolian islands, allowing us to fully experience their beauty,
Filicudi and Alicudi, which are the most remote, will stun us with their unspoilt nature. Our next stop is Lipari, where we will have some free time to visit the Castle, where the most important archaeological remains of the islands are housed, or simply to enjoy the Aeolian atmosphere as we have an ice-cream in the relaxing Marina Corta square. We continue onwards to fascinating Panarea and then to Stromboli, the unmissable active volcano, which we will climb in order to enjoy its eruptions from on high. The “green” island, Salina, with its luxuriant vegetation, offers great trekking up to its peak, the highest point in all the islands. Our last trek is on the crater of Vulcano, a volcano which only seems dormant. Our final stop is Catania, a city which is unique in the world for its buildings in lava stone, and famous all over Italy for its unstoppable “movida”, or nightlife.

Discover the accompanied trekking holiday “From Island to Island: the Aeolian Experience”

A guided trip through the stupendous Aeolian Islands, perfect for trekking enthusiasts and for whoever wants a unique experience of land and sea.

Day 1 – Milazzo


Arrival at Catania airport, and meet our guide. Transfer to Milazzo, a seaside town listed as one of the most beautiful in Italy. The imposing castle, from which there is a spectacular view of the bay, is rich testimony to the different civilizations that have followed one another in Sicily. The long promenade, with its palm trees and ice-cream shops, prepares us for our journey with its relaxing atmosphere that is typical of seaside places.
You are free for dinner; overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2 – Alicudi


Embark for Alicudi.  This island, with its nearly perfectly round shape, is the wildest of the archipelago.  A little island of paradise, forgotten by the rest of the world, here the only form of transport is by donkey.

We depart on our trek towards the Chuch of San Bartolo (403m), which is the only historic building on the island and dates back to 1821.  From here there is a magnificent view of the sea and the other islands.   Packed lunch during our trek.

Embark for Filicudi, check-in at our hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

trekking Eolie - Filicudi

Day 3 – Filicudi


Start of our trek towards the peak of Monte Fossa delle Felci. In ancient times covered by ferns, today it is covered by heather and other typical Mediterranean plant species, which, at the top, give way to the view of Alicudi and the La Canna rock. Packed lunch during the trek.
Return to our hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Altitude difference: +771/-771
Time: 5 hours

Day 4 – Lipari


Embark for Lipari, the main town in the archipelago, which, with its fortified castle, bears testimony to the history of the island from prehistoric times up until modern times.
The complex geology of this island means that here we can find obsidian stone, kaolin stone and pumice stone. Transfer to Quattropani and start of our trek along the kaolin quarries, which lead us to the San Calogero hot springs, a favourite place for the ancient Romans and where hot water continues to emerge. Packed lunch during the trek.
Return to our hotel/residence, dinner and overnight stay.

Altitude difference: +300/-200
Time: 4 hours

Day 5 – Salina


Embark for Salina, the “green island” with its two twin mountains.
Transfer by bus to Val di Chiesa (340m), and we then climb Monte Fossa delle Felci (962m), the highest point in the archipelago, passing through the natural reserve which will surprise us with its woods; besides they typical Mediterranean vegetation, which grows thickly here, the upper slopes also have many holm oaks, oaks and chestnut trees.
Packed lunch during the trek.
Return to Lipari, dinner in restaurant and overnight stay in hotel/residence.

Altitude difference: +622/-962
Time: : 5 hours

Day 6 – Panarea and Stromboli

Panarea and Stromboli

Departure by boat for Panarea and Stromboli.
Our first stop is Panarea, for a brief visit of this island, the most “chic” in the archipelago.
We continue on to Stromboli. In the afternoon we climb the volcano to 950m with our volcanologist guide, in order to see the phenomena of one of the best-known volcanoes in the world. Return in late evening via sandy ravines which will add to our experience. Picnic dinner at the top of the volcano.
Return by boat to Lipari, overnight stay in hotel/residence.
N.B. Access to the paths is subject to rules established by the Civil Protection, which vary depending on the volcano’s activity.

Altitude difference: +830/-830
Time 6/7 hours

Day 7 – Vulcano and Catania

Vulcano and Catania

Embark for Vulcano. Trek to the Cratere della Fossa, which will amaze us with its fumaroles and sulphur crystals, typical of this island, which is the most “active” after Stromboli. Light lunch.
Free time in the afternoon for you to enjoy the beach or the famous mud baths with therapeutic properties.
Embark for Milazzo, and transfer to Catania, a city which is particular for its buildings in lava stone and its exciting nightlife.
You are free to have dinner where you choose. Overnight stay in hotel.

Altitude difference: +390/-390
Time: 3 hours

Day 8 – Catania

Catania airport – Fontanarossa

Private transfer to the airport. End of our trip and services provided.

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