Peloritan Mountains Trekking Excursion

Messina, Peloritan Mountains,

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Peloritan Mountains Trek – from the Badiazza to Forte San Jachiddu

Excursions every Friday

A day spent discovering the hills around Messina, surrounded by nature, history and tradition. These hills will amaze you with their thick vegetation and their beautiful views over the Strait of Messina, and they are just a short distance from the city.
Loved by the people of Messina, their treasures are largely unknown outside the city, and this is one reason why the landscape has remained unspoilt and its “forti”, or fortresses, have remained intact. These fortresses were military bases constructed during the First World War, and their original structures can still be admired today.

This trek will take us to one of these fortresses, Forte San Jachiddu, and we will reach it via a beautiful cork wood.
A stop at “Don Minico”, a historic eating-place at the start of the hills, is an absolute must, in order to try the best traditional local products.

Excursion Programme:

  • 08:45 Pick-up at your hotel. Departure by car/minibus for the Benedictine Convent of Santa Maria della Valle, a convent dating back to Norman times.
  • 10:00 Start of our trek along the Badiazza pathway, which crosses a maritime pine wood and leads us to the start of the San Rizzo hills. Stop at “Don Minico” to pick up our lunch, an unmissable “pagnotta alla disgraziata”, an enormous sandwich with tasty local products and hot chillis.
  • 11:30 Start of our trek along the Candelara pathway, taking us through a cork oak wood.
  • 13:30 Stop to eat our lunch.
  • Ore 16:30 Arrival at Forte San Jachiddu and end of our trek. Visit the fortress, and return to our cars by private transfer. Return to Messina and drop-off at your hotel.

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