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Trekking in Sicily: Etna and Aeolian for unique experiences.

28 February 2019

Trinacria to be explored between active volcanoes and beautiful islands. Discover it with Mediterranea Trekking!

Sicily is an incomparable island. A land in which the sea and the mountain come together in a single embrace offering fascinating landscapes. In exploring it in Trekking you can really find everything: lush forests and desert areas; volcanoes in turmoil and quiet pine forests; lush gardens and dry beaches. A set of opposing elements that coexist in harmony and that reflect the character of the island. Raw, hard and arid, but also generous, loving and lively. Traveling through Sicily is really something incredible because this land is able to give indescribable emotions.

The king of volcanoes is Sicilian: Trekking on Etna

If this trip is also made of Trekking, then, the sensations are amplified. Step by step, climbing to the top of Mount Etna, crossing forest paths and barren land, you can feel the power of the active volcano. Metro after meter you get to the top and the eye can travel on the entire territory to the sea and beyond, up to Calabria. Fatigue and sweat are immediately a memory in front of so much beauty and the tired body is moved by an incredible frenzy. As if the energy of the volcano goes up the earth to take possession of the tired limbs and give a new impetus. Etna is all this and much more: a range of emotions that can only be grasped with a Trekking experience.

Not only Etna: Trekking to the Aeolian Islands

Few places are able to express the immense naturalistic variety of Sicily as the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. Like pearls from a necklace, these islands adorn the Tyrrhenian Sea with their unique beauty. Different from each other, they are sisters each with their own character and personality. So we have Vulcano, with the yellow of sulfur and brooms, the mud that bubbling and the volcano that seems to watch over the entire archipelago. In fact, from its top it is possible to see its sisters who seem to embrace themselves in the middle of the blue sea. Then there is the frenetic Stromboli: “lighthouse of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, its eruptions create red flashes that pierce the darkness of the night. The glowing red wash that plunges into the blue sea undoubtedly offers an incomparable spectacle. Salina, the green and luxuriant island with a thousand plants and the highest peak of the archipelago. An island that appears calm and lively at the same time and that offers the visitor the true spirit of the sea places. Lipari which with its fortified citadel and its testimonies offers a glimpse of the history of the Aeolian archipelago. Panarea, glamor: a small island made of greenery and sea adorned with white houses and purple bougainvillea. Alicudi and Filicudi, the wilds. Small and delicate islands far away, but their nature is the most authentic and primitive, made of rugged land and rich Mediterranean vegetation. Each of these islands is a treasure unto itself but together they create a unique mix that will make your Trekking experience unforgettable.